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Saturday, November 4




7 Tools to Empower Your Students 1403Daniel Blanton • Claudja Van Orden Break the Cycle - Stop Repeating Yourself 1456Laurie Russo Breaking Down the Breakout Box 408Katherine Branley • Lisa Meyers CANCELLED - BoostEDU: A Personalized Approach to Transforming Teacher Resources 401Meagan Kelly Designing with Google 406Raul Cortez Digital Lesson Design 1408Dan McDowell Easy Video Editing with 'Clips' by Apple (iPhone and iPad only) 1409Julie Garcia • Miguel Rodriguez Engaging Students with Coding in the Classroom 403Heidi Baynes Fake News: Guiding Students through the Age of Misinformation 1457Stephanie Macceca • Suzanne Sannwald Going Global with Google! 407Robin Worley Got the New Earth? How about Maps? 1455Nancy Minicozzi I'm a Kindergarten Author & Illustrator Thanks to Pixie and Book Creator 1404Jennifer Rolf Informal and Formal Assessments: Low Tech to High Tech 1454Trevor Angood Integrating Technology into Your Math Classroom 1458Laura Martin • Leslie Perry Lights, Camera, Creation: Amplifying Student Learning 1453Kathy Garcia • Dena Glynn Making Digital Books with Google Slides 402Jamie Lora • Laura Sugano Making Reading and Writing Easier for Special Needs Students 1223Julie Kercher Master Your Mail - Gmail Tips and Tricks 1405Cynthia Nixon Personalized PD: Choose Your Own EDventure 1225Rebecca Henig • Stephanie Wallace Presentation Literacy in Kindergarten 1222Arabella Wang Supporting English Learners with Technology 409Mindy Fullerton Symbaloos 1407Kriscia Cabral Transform & Create Mastery-Learning Environment with Standards Based Grading 1459Alicia Johal Using the Google Classroom App for Students and Teachers 404Amy Springstead Virtually Not-an-Essay 1221Carissa Peck Where to Access Primary Sources Online 1406Robin Pulido


Creating a Makerspace on Campus 407Laura Lemos • Ashley Serrin Cross-Curricular Project Design 402Amanda Plocinski • Catherine White Desmos Classroom Activities for the Secondary Math Class 1409John Berray • Julie Garcia Don’t Be Afraid: Join Me Between the Sheets! 1455Nancy Minicozzi Empowering Students Through Cross-Curricular Units and Design Thinking 403Dahlia Rinck • Robert Shield Google Classroom 101 1454Trevor Angood Google Slides: Not your Parents' Powerpoint 1224Heather Love-Fleck Infographics Your Students Can Create 1456Laurie Russo Innovate Your Classroom with Google Drawings: The Best Tool You’re Not Using! 401Barbara Thompson Integrating Technology in the Special Education Classroom 1223Valerie Ruiz Not Just an Electronic Bathroom Pass (But that, too!) 1405Ted Hooks Reawaken Creativity & Motivate Learners through Instagram 1408Kay Little Reflections in the Curriculum: LGBTQIA Faces & Voices 408Mick Rabin Starving For Effective Coaching Strategies That Will Leave Your Teachers Full? 1404Tiffani Brown • Jennifer Rolf Take a Bite Out of Apple Teacher: Learn, See & Do! 1453Kathy Garcia • Dena Glynn Teaching Tough Topics with Tech: Slavery 1406Robin Pulido Why and How to Start a Code Club 1457Kyle Wilke Advanced Google Classroom Tips and Tricks 404Beth Sandford CANCELLED - Master the Master Slide 1407Michele Osinski Digital BreakOutEDU Investigation 1225Estefania Hernandez • Venetia Ricchio Do Your Students Code? Computer Science for All 1226Bradley Ostrander Engage your Classroom with Thinglink 1403Claudja Van Orden Formative Assessment? There's an APP for that! 1459Stephanie Avera • Meredith Ritner Seesaw Safari 1221Catherine Scanlon • Amanda Taylor Supercharge Google with Add-Ons 406Nichol Everett Tech Stations: Plan Your Classroom Tech Revolution 1222Jesus Huerta The 4C’s of EdTech 1458John Morgan Tynker-ing With Code 409Vicky Sedgwick




#Booksnaps with Google Drawings and Snapchat 1221Marilyn McAlister (Re)Conquering Google 1458John Morgan Design Thinking, Engineering and Innovation- a K-8 Model 1226Christine Dixon • Charity Shepard Explore, Engage and Get Excited about Coding Using Ozobots! 1404Jennifer Rolf Flip Over Literature Circles 404Beth Sandford Gamification in the Classroom 1223Fabian Hofmann Genius Hour 409Julie Litoff Google Sites: The Schoolteacher's Guide to the Web Galaxy 1408Sophia Jacoub Google Slides: More Than a Presentation Tool 1405Cynthia Nixon Google's Dynamic Learning Project 402Stephanie Ibrahim @Mrs_IbrahimCV • Sarah Wright Making IT Personal: Leveraging Technology to Support Diverse Learners 403David Franklin • Trenton Tanioka Nobody Flops with Flipgrid: Video That Gives Everybody a Voice 408Pamela Rabin • Cheryl Steinemann Northrop Grumman Foundation Teachers Academy 406Sharon Stevens Allen Reading Revolution: New Literacies in Future Ready Learning 1457Stephanie Macceca • Suzanne Sannwald Student Collaboration within Office365 1224Giulia Longo Super Easy STEAM in a “Box” for Elementary Schools 1407Marla Rosenthal The Quest for Student Impact in the Community 1225Jasmyn Tanner YouTube Videos in Your Classroom: Search, Organize, and Use 407Sonya Shaffer CANCELLED - Toy Hacking: Robotics for the Rest of Us 1453Sam Patterson Conversation & Collaboration: Inquiry-Driven Dialogue Across Content Areas 1459Stephanie Avera • Meredith Ritner Curious Kids 1403Kelly Eveland • Stacy Roberts Digital Portfolios: Personal Learning Stories 1406Anthony Devine Edmodo Snapshot: Turn Formative Assessments into Workable Data in a Snap! 1456Jenna West Form-Nation: With Likert Scales and Self-Grading For All 401Jen Roberts Getting Ready for the Hour of Code! 1409Kelli Mocny Mastering Master Slides 1222Jerady Loncono Seesaw-Students Lead, Parents Participate, Teachers Facilitate with Appsmashing+ 1455Jennifer Dean • Kayla Martindale The Power of Choice Based Learning: Helping Students Discover Their Element 1454Jo-Ann Fox • Colin Hanel